100% Tobacco Free Schools

The ultimate goal should be to make school campuses a healthy and safe learning environment for all children in the state of Ohio. The Tobacco-Free Delaware County Coalition supports taking a step in reaching this goal by implementing 100% tobacco-free school policies in all school districts In Ohio.

school with shadow

The top 10 reasons for All schools in the state of Ohio to become 100% tobacco free:

  1. With no tobacco use on school campuses, students would not be exposed to tobacco products and the health problems associated with them.
  2. If all of the schools in the State of Ohio were to become 100% tobacco free campuses, our children would have positive role models. (When children see people using tobacco products, teachers, staff, parents, community members, who they respect, they think it is 0.K. and they want to be like them so they will use tobacco products to do so.)
  3. Students tend to think tobacco use is the norm when they see it, having 100% tobacco- free schools would encourage healthy behaviors by students.
  4. There is no cost to implement 100% tobacco-free school policies.
  5. School systems will have reduced maintenance costs in cleaning and litter pick-up.
  6. Health risks will be reduced for staff and students.  If they are healthier, they may use less sick time.
  7. There may also be a reduction in insurance costs for both employees and the grounds.
  8. A 100% tobacco-free school policy will prepare students for the reality of tobacco-free workplaces and communities.
  9. Parents and community members visiting the schools and school grounds will not be exposed to tobacco use.
  10. Visitors to the schools will become positive role models by not using tobacco products.