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We are writing to urge you to approve HB 281, which makes all school districts in the state of Ohio 100% tobacco-free campuses.  It is important for all schools to show consistent support for being tobacco free for the health of the students, staff, parents and visitors of their school system.

Schools are a primary place where our children develop many lifelong behaviors – how to smoke or use tobacco should not be one of them.  Tobacco free schools provide the best learning and social environment for students, and a healthier work environment for staff.

Allowing tobacco use on school campuses is inconsistent with the tobacco use prevention messages taught in the classroom because students can see adult role models engaging in an unhealthy behavior.  This sets a bad example and exposes students, staff, and visitors to secondhand smoke and other tobacco use health problems.

If all of the schools in the state of Ohio were to become 100% tobacco free campuses, our children would have positive role models.  The students would not see teachers, staff, parents and community members they respect using tobacco products on their school property.   It is also important to reinforce school- based tobacco prevention education; a 100% tobacco free school campus policy does this.

And, there is strong support.  At their July 2011, the State Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution to endorse the 100% tobacco free school campus policy.   In addition, many schools have voluntarily reviewed and updated their policies.  However, House Bill 281 can have positive impacts for all Ohio students.

The ultimate goal should be to make school campuses a healthy and safe learning environment for all children in the state of Ohio.  We support taking this step in reaching this goal by implementing 100% tobacco-free school policies in all school districts in Ohio.    Therefore, we support House Bill 281.

Respectfully yours,

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